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In order for you to get the maximum value from you purchase and to make sure you are aware of the installation process we have prepared these basic guidelines, It is very important to review these items to make sure you completely understand the entire process. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties all Estimates are valid for 30 days only from the date on the Estimate. If you are not sure of any of the details please speak to your sales associates for clarification.


Regular installation time frames are Monday - Saturday from 8am to 6pm. Any other time frames after hours may be subject to additional fees. We will endeavor to meet your installation timing requirements as close as possible. Once we set up your install date we will request the customer make sure the site is ready prior to our arrival. For example: If the painter will not be finished when we are supposed to start your install we request you let us know in a timely fashion (two business days prior) so we can re assign our installation crew to another site. If we arrive and the site is not ready there may be extra charges for the installers down time and loss of production.

  • The installation crew will arrive between 8am and 10am unless otherwise arranged. If there are two jobs in one day the crew should arrive between 11am - 3pm for the second job. Traffic, weather and unforeseen circumstances may effect the exact arrival time.
  • The customer must arrange reasonable access to the property and if the customer will not be there ensure the installation crew can get in.
  • If you live in a condominium you will be required to pre book the elevator. This is the responsibility of the customer and has to be arranged in conjunction with your install date.
  • Also if you live in a condominium it is very important that you check with the Management Office to confirm the "Rules and Regulations" as related to new flooring underlay and sound ratings?
  • The customer must ensure the property temperature is maintained between 14- 22 degrees C for installation and product quality. It is very important you check the manufacturer or distributers web site for the exact details as to humidity levels and maintenance for each product.
  • The site must also have ample lighting and an electrical power source to allow the Installers to do there work properly, safely and within industry standards.
  • If upon arrival on site Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. has to clean up debris or any other items for previous trades there may be an extra fee.
  • We require the customer to advise us if the property has radiant floor heating or any other piping or wiring under the floor to ensure it does not get damaged. Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd and the Installer are not responsible for said damages.
  • If doors, sliding mirror doors or closet doors need to be cut or adjusted this is the responsibility of the customer. The Installer is not qualified or trained for this type of work. If Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd is contracted to do this type of work they are not responsible for damages or paint touch ups.
  • If your project involves moving toilets, dishwashers, sinks or fridges with water dispensers or any other plumbing items this work must be done by a qualified plumber. If Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd is contracted to do this work we are not responsible for broken toilets, leaky plumbing or any other related issues.
  • We will lift your existing flooring and either leave it on site for you to dispose of or for you to reuse. If you require us to remove and dispose the lifted material off site we will do this for you at a reasonable fee.


If your project involves Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. and the Installer moving furniture or appliances this is a service we provide with the following details and restrictions. The customers is required to address the following items prior to our arrival and with there sales associate.

  • All contents of china cabinets, bookshelves, wall units have to be moved or boxed and labeled prior to arrival.
  • Disconnect and move all video, audio and computer equipment.
  • Remove all valuables and breakables.
  • All wiring / security systems that are under the existing flooring or baseboards needs to be removed to ensure they don't get damaged, If this is not possible the customer needs to advise Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. and the Installer as to their locations. Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd and the Installer are not responsible for damage caused to said wires.
  • Empty floor area in closets as well as move up all long dresses and pants.
  • Remove all sheets and pillows from beds.
  • All pictures, mirrors, or any other items hanging on the walls have to be removed to ensure they don't fall off the wall and break or injure someone. Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. and the Installer are not responsible if any such items fall off the walls and get damaged.
  • If the project involves moving fridges or freezers please empty the contents. This will ensure nothing will fall over and break.
  • Pool tables, fish tanks, antiques, large beds, large sectional units, TVs and computers or anything of value should be moved by the customer or professional movers. For every ones protection and piece of mind the Installer will not move these types of items. If you contract Downtown Flooring Co Ltd. and the Installer to move these items they are not responsible for retuning the piano, leaking fish tanks, leveling pool tables or any other damages that may occur.
  • If you have any gas appliances this will have to be disconnected and reconnected by your gas supplier or licensed personal. This is in place for your own safety and every ones protection.
  • Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. and the Installer are not responsible for damages caused by moving any furniture, appliances or any of the other above-mentioned items.


  • If your Estimate includes removing and reinstalling existing ¼ round or baseboards please be aware that the Installer will do their best not to break them upon removal but if they do break due to age or any other reason Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd and the Installer are not responsible. They will also have to be repainted after reinstallation by the customer.
  • All ¼ round or baseboard with a rounded bottom profile has to be removed prior to any carpet installation. We cannot cut the carpet against a rounded edge and maintain industry standards. The existing baseboard, walls or stringers may need to be painted by the customer after the ¼ round is removed or old carpet is lifted. The new carpet may not be as high as the old carpet or the new carpet may not cover the old paint line on the baseboard or stingers.
  • The pickets on the stairs will require touch up painting, staining or repair as the new carpet will scratch the pickets upon installation.
  • If Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. is supplying and installing new primed white ¼ round or baseboards they will have to caulked and painted by the customer.
  • If doors, sliding mirror doors or closet doors need to be cut or adjusted this is the responsibility of the customer. The Installer is not qualified or trained for this type of work. If Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd is contracted to do this type of work they are not responsible for damages or paint touch ups.
  • Paint touch ups may be required after the flooring installation or delivery and are the responsibility of the customer. We recommend the finish coat of paint be applied after the installation or delivery.


  • "We cannot price what we cannot see". The Estimate will include standard removal conditions and fees. If upon trying to remove the existing floor we find existing under pad stuck to the floor in area's or multiple layers of flooring which we could not see when we measured, there may be extra charges. These extra fees will be discussed and agreed upon by Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. and the customer prior to continuing the work.
  • If upon removal of existing flooring we find issues with the subfloor underneath that we could not see there maybe extra charges to make the subfloor good to receive the new flooring. The better your sub floor the better the finished product looks and performs. These extra charges will be agreed upon by Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd and the customer prior to continuing the work.
  • All installations or deliveries are part of the construction process and will cause disruption, dust and a mess. The job site will require a final clean up by the customer. The Installer will do a basic construction clean up only.
  • No refunds or returns unless specified in writing on the invoice. All returns subject to restocking, administration and delivery fees. The refund and amount will be paid to the customer once received from the supplier.
  • This estimate or invoice represents a contract price for specified materials in designated areas. All over shipped material after the installation is complete belongs to Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. The last opened box will be left on site. No credits will be issued for this material.
  • All natural products are subject to color and shade variations. As a natural product, wood contains inherent variations in color, grain and appearance and other visual imperfections. All natural floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards which permit a defect tolerance that does not exceed 5%. These defects may be the result of manufacturing or naturally occurring characteristics of the material. It is recommended that a 5% cutting or grading allowance be added to the total square footage when calculating the quantity of flooring required. It is the sole and joint responsibility of the installer and owner to conduct a quality inspection of all flooring prior to installation. All pieces of flooring should be examined for quality of manufacture, finish and color. If the product quality is deemed unacceptable, it should not be installed.
  • IT IS EXTREMLY IMPORTANT TO MAINTAIN THE PRODUCT AND HUMIDITY LEVELS AS PER MANUFACTURERS SPECIFICATIONS. See their Web Site for exact details. All flooring will react to changes in the environment. Hardwood flooring for example with excessive heat or dryness (lack of moisture) will gap or split in the winter and you will need to add moisture with a humidifier. Excessive humidity (to much moisture) will result in cupping and buckling. In a floating floor application to much humidity will result in excessive expansion of the floor. This will cause a soft spot and or air pockets under the floor. So you will have to have your Air conditioner working or de humidifier to control the humidity levels in the summer.
  • Due to dye lot variations in the manufacturing process the carpet color may vary slightly from the sample shown.
  • Seams and staple marks may be visible in carpet depending on the quality, color, lighting and location. We will endeavor to place the seams in the least visible area.
  • Carpet on stairs will not be installed in one continuous piece unless specified and paid for by the customer. Installing carpet on stairs in multiple pieces is within industry standards.
  • All product warranties come directly from the manufacturer or distributer and are not the responsibility of Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd.
  • The Installer and Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. guarantee the workmanship of the installation for one year from the date of installation. This applies to invoices paid in full only and only on materials purchased from Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by acts of God, Customer neglect, repairs made by others or normal wear and tear.


  • The customer authorizes Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. to arrange for an independent contractor to install the materials in this agreement. Inspect the installation and pay the balance due upon substantial completion of the installation.
  • The customer acknowledges that Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd will not install the materials listed but will arrange for the installation to be completed by the Installer.
  • The Installer will complete the work in conjunction with industry standards and in accordance with all applicable codes and ordinances. Customer agrees that any injury caused directly or indirectly by the Installer are the sole responsibility of the Installer.
  • Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd., Installer or any laborer may have a claim against the Customer for failure to pay for materials supplied or services and may enforce this claim by filing a lien against Customers property after providing Customer with notice. Until paid in full all materials remain the property of Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd.
  • If Downtown Flooring Co. Ltd. incurs any costs or expenses to enforce any of the rights under this Agreement , the Customer agrees to pay all such costs or expenses including reasonable attorney's fees.
  • This agreement shall constitute the entire Agreement between the parties. There is no representation, warranty, collateral agreement or condition, which affects the Agreement other then as expressed herein.

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We provide certified installation services to ensure that your flooring product qualifies for all warranties and services provided by our partners and suppliers

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  • Sanding and Staining of existing hardwood floor
  • Installation of Hardwood on staircases

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