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Torlys Flooring

Founded in 1988, Torlys flooring offers high quality hardwood, laminate, cork and leather flooring.

With Torlys flooring you will get these unique features and benefits:

  • 30-day guarantee on Torlys flooring – if you are not happy with your choice of flooring, replace your Torlys flooring with another product FREE OF CHARGE – just pay for installation.
  • A guaranteed trade in value of up to 20% when you decide to change your floor.
  • Easy Plank Replacer – Change a Single Plan with Torlys Bulldog™ system.
  • Repurpose guarantee – move your Torlys flooring to another room or home – up to 3 times under warranty.
Premier Elite Designer
Re-purpose guarantee
Move your TORLYS floor to another room or another home
1-time Move under warranty 2-times Move under warranty 3-times Move under warranty
Trade In Value
Toward the purchase of a new TORLYS floor. See www.torlys.com for details.
- up to 25 years
-up to 30 years
-up to 35 years
Satisfaction Guaranteed
See www.torlys.com for details.
30/30 days
If after 30 days you are not totally safisfied, you have 30 days to order another TORLYS floor.
30/60 days
If after 30 days you are not totally safisfied, you have 60 days to order another TORLYS floor.
30/90 days
If after 30 days you are not totally safisfied, you have 90 days to order another TORLYS floor.

View various Torlys flooring options today and contact us to find out how you can get your flooring installed with our FULL SERVICE flooring program:

torlys hardwood flooring
Torlys Hardwood
Choose Torlys hardwood flooring for their enduring beauty and environemtnal benefits.
torlys laminate flooring
Torlys Laminate
Torlys laminate is virtually indistinguishable from hardwood flooring.
torlys cork flooring
Torlys Cork
Choose Torlys Cork flooring for natural comfort and beauty.
torlys leather flooring
Torlys Leather
Torlys Leather is exciting, sensuous and affordable.

Find the perfect TORLYS floor using our convenient rating system.

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